Here are the final results from our Game of Thrones Season 7 prediction contest. We invited the world to join our $1000 Game of Thrones Season 7 Prediction contest – where do you stand?

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Supporting Character Deaths
Major Character Deaths
Ultimate Prediction List
What Does Sam Learn at the Citadel?
Duels & Fights
Character Returns
The Significance of Bran
Who will Arya Kill?
What Power Plays Will Happen?
Who is the ‘Valonqar’?
Dothraki v. Lannister
Will Jon Snow bend the knee?
Alliances against the Night King
Is Tyrion a Targaryen?

Which of the following supporting characters will die?

68% A Sand Snake
20% Melisandre
16% Jorah
36% Lady Olenna
51% Littlefinger
28% Tormund
29% Greyworm
40% Ellaria Sand
35% Benjen Stark

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Which of the following major characters will die?

10% The Night King
14% Sansa
50% Theon
12% Varys
60% Cersei
22% Jaime
27% Brienne
28% Drogon

Most people are convinced their favorites will NOT die!


Jon Snow won’t die


Daenerys won’t die


Tyrion won’t die

game of thrones season 7 predictions

The Ultimate List of Predictions

49% Sam becomes a Maester
32% The Iron Bank comes for its debts
12% Brienne and Tormund become involved
12% Brienne and Jaime become involved
66% Greyworm and Missendei take their relationship further
55% Beric makes a crucial kill before finally dying
28% The Wall comes down with the Horn of Winter
4% Winterfell falls when the Wall does
25% Cersei has a wildfire stash under the Red Keep & tries to use it
70% We learn Jon Snows real name
23% The Night King speaks
29% We find out who (or what) Azor Ahai is
42% Sam kills Jorahs greyscale
26% Lannister sibling reunion
28% Jon Snow rides a dragon
22% Sansa is pregnant
6% Sansa gives birth to Ramsey’s son and kills him
15% Euron Greyjoy has and uses Dragonbinder
23% Arya reunites with Brotherhood heading North
45% Bran crossing the wall removes the magic from it
60% The remaining Stark children reunite
37% Arya doesn’t tell her family she’s an international assassin
62% Bran reveals Jon Snows true heritage
6% Tormund is Lyanna Mormonts father
2% Qyburn makes the Septa the Mountains zombie GF
23% Ice dragon is summoned from the Wall
6% Dragon melts the Iron Throne & Dany forges anew
3% Drogon kills the Night king
42% Cersei loses it when a dragon flies over Kings Landing

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game of thrones season 7 predictions sam learns how to cure greyscale

“There are so many books at the Citadel that no man can hope to read them all.” What does Sam learn as he trains in there?

45% How to cure greyscale
9% How to summon an ice dragon
16% How to kill an ice dragon
7% How to control Dany’s dragons
42% How to kill the Night King
25% How to make the White Walkers mortal
58% How to forge Valyrian steel
27% How to bring down the wall

game of thrones season 7 predictions the mountain and the hound will fight

Which duels & fights will we be treated to?

7% Jon v. Jaime
59% Mountain v. The Hound
4% Beric Dondarrion v. The Hound pt. 2
39% Jon v. The Night King
19% Tyrion v. Cersei
7% Varys v. Littlefinger
72% Greyjoy/Lannister fleet v. Greyjoy/Targaryen fleet
3% Tormund v. Brienne
14% Jaime v. Brienne
16% Bronn v. Greyworm
4% Randall Tarly v. Beric Dondarrion
5% Sandsnake v. Sandsnake
13% Sandsnake v. Jaime
14% Ellaria Sand v. Jaime
19% Bronn v. His Favorite Sand Snake
23% Dany & Drogon v. The Night King on an Ice Dragon
Dany & Jon on Dragons v. the Night King on an Ice Dragon

game of thrones season 7 predictions gendry will return

Which long lost character will return in season 7






Hot Pie


High Priestess Kivara returns with major news


Hodor returns as a wight

53% of people think Bran drove the Mad King insane #GameofThrones Click To Tweet

We know Bran can leave damage behind with his warging. How much of the past six seasons, and Westeros history is actually Bran’s doing?

13% He gave the witch Cersei’s prophecy
31% He was Jojen Reed’s guide
16% Old Nan’s stories come from Bran and his remorse over Hodor

50% Bran is Bran the Builder
26% Bran was the voice in Varys flames

Who else will Arya kill

13% Melisandre
2% Jaime
6% The Hound
39% Littlefinger
16% Cersei
35% Ilyn Payne
5% Beric Dondarrion
3% Thoros of Myr
29% None, but they’ll all die anyways

game of thrones season 7 predictions sansa won't betray Jon but Littlefinger might

What power plays do we see in season seven?

5% Sansa marries Littlefinger and he turns her against Jon
16% Sansa turns against Jon on her own
37% Sansa presses Jon to claim the Iron Throne and make her Queen
73% Cersei aligns with Euron Greyjoy
22% Dany & Jon make a marriage alliance
8% Ellaria Sand turns on the Tyrells
Lady Olenna turns on Dorne
36% Wildings will fight the Night King, but want Tormund as King

52% Dany & Jon form a purely political alliance
20% Dany, Dorne, The Reach & The North Unite

Flashbacks are coming…

26% An extension of the Cersei & Valonqar prophecy
19% Littlefinger & Catelyn as children
36% Varys flashback to the voice in the flames
32% Mad King burning Ned’s father and brother
38% The Tourney at Harranhal with Rhaegar Targaryen
69% Rhaegar and Lyanna’s love story
36% Battle of the Trident Baratheon v. Targaryen

game of thrones season 7 predictions jaime will kill cersei

Cersei Lannister received a prophecy when she was a girl that she would die at the hands of the “valonqar”, the word for “little brother” in High Valyrian. If Cersei dies this season, and the prophecy holds true (as we think it has so far) who is the “valonquar”?






Neither, High Valyrian has several gender neutral interpretations, it could be anyone

64% of people think if Cersei dies, Jaime kills her #GameofThrones Click To Tweet

Davos Seaworth says in the trailer, “If we don’t put aside our enmities and band together, we will die. And then it doesn’t matter whose skeleton sits on the Iron Throne.” How does this play out?


Jon Snow meets with Cersei & Dany both to convince them to fight the Night King, not for the throne. Dany listens, Cersei doesn’t.


Cersei & Dany battle for control of Casterly Rock in the first half of the season & fight the Night King in the second


The Battle between Fire & Ice doesn’t happen this season. It’s a build up to season 8 and the last thing we see is the wall falling.

game of thrones season 7 predictions dothraki will fight lannisters for casterly rock

We’ve seen glimpses of a Battle for Casterly Rock in the season 7 trailers. Assuming Tyrion orchestrated the attack to weaken the power of the Lannisters over the Iron Throne because it’s the source of their gold, what do we think to be true of this situation?


The natural formation of Casterly Rock into the cliff allows for an extensive set of underground and secret passageways. Similar to the way Daenerys has conquered cities before, Tyrion’s knowledge of these pathways will lead them to victory.

They aren’t fighting for Casterly Rock. That’s a battle in the Crownlands that will allow Daenery’s Dothraki army to advance further towards Kings Landing.

The Lannisters will push back the Unsullied and settle into a siege. Danys first attempt at victory in Westeros will be unsuccessful.


tyrion says that he will use his knowledge as a former sewer master to lead them to victory, but Jaime forsees this and captures Tyrion


They aren’t fighting for Casterly Rock. Cersei sends her army against Dorne and Daenerys intervenes.

game of thrones season 7 predictions jon snow will bend the knee

Torrhen Stark relinquished his crown to become The King Who Knelt and the first Warden of the North when Aegon the Conqueror first came to Westeros with his dragons. Do we think Jon will do the same?


Daenerys allows Jon Snow to remain King in the North, in exchange for his allegiance and help in claiming the Iron Throne. In return, she helps in the fight against the Night King

Jon Snow will have learned the truth of his heritage by the time he meets Daenerys and bend the knee to his Aunt for the Starks to remain warden of the North

Jon Snow will not kneel to anyone who conquers with fire and blood and a Dothraki horde who would lay waste to innocent women and children in their path

Daenerys learns who Jon Snow is before he does and views him as a threat, and treats him accordingly

game of thrones season 7 predictions tyrion is a targaryen

One fan theory holds that Tyrion is actually the illegitimate son of Aerys “The Mad King” Targaryen, which explains why the dragons didn’t burn him alive in the Catacombs of Mereen. Do you think Tyrion is a Targaryen and/or the third head of the dragon?


Tyrion is a Targaryen and Daenerys’s quote foreshadows that like Aegon and his sisters, the reconquering of Westeros by the Targaryen dynasty will be done by her and her family.

Tyrion is NOT a Targaryen, but he is the third head of the dragon because they sense her trust in him

Nothing. The show is so removed from the books at this point, Tyrion could be a Targaryen in the books but not the show

Only one other character ever rides one of her dragons because one or more is lost in the battle between Fire and Ice

Tyrion is not a Targaryen, but the third head of the dragon is a long lost Targaryen who has yet to appear in the show and has so far only been referenced in the books.

If you’re interested in our original contest, you can still submit if you want – but you can’t win!

Images: Helen Sloan/HBO; Macall B. Polay/HBO; HBO; mymomwatchesgameofthrones/Tumblr

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