Every day at EverPresent, we get to see photos and videos, spanning the past and present. From birthdays to anniversaries to retirements, we’ve created custom gifts for every occasion. Through these projects, we’ve had the pleasure of getting to be a part of some truly special moments in our clients’ lives and gotten to know some great folks in the process. By working on these unique projects, we’ve just about heard it all. Here are a few typical phrases we hear, and our suggestions how to decide if a photo book or slideshow suits your occasion best.

1. “My daughter is getting married next month.”

Happy married couple is laughing on the wedding for their wedding slideshow
Congratulations! We’re guessing you’ve got a million different thoughts spinning around your head right now while you’re juggling all the essentials of putting the big day together. We can help take some of the stress away. At rehearsal dinners or receptions, many couples like to share their special journey from childhood to proposal through slideshows. Set to custom music of your choice with beautifully timed transitions, our talented slideshow team tells the personal story of how the special couple got to this important point. If you can keep a secret, this also makes for an amazing surprise gift to the couple.

Tip: Any time there is a looming deadline, slideshows are the way to go.
A really good slideshow can take anywhere from 1 – 3 weeks to put together, whereas a photo book of equal quality will take a several weeks (sometimes even months) when you factor in the complexity of the book plus printing and shipping.

2. “I’m planning a surprise party for my Dad’s 70th birthday!”

Jedrey v.3_12
We love birthdays at EverPresent. Creating a custom photo book is a memorable and thoughtful way to show the guest of honor you’re thinking of them on their special day. In the past, we’ve had clients collect a message or notes from family members or friends and included these in the book. It adds an extra dimension of thought and care to the project (plus you can skip the card).

There are so many ways you can utilize a photo book:

  • Showcase your loved one’s lifetime achievements
  • Highlight a particularly memorable family trip and collect photos from everyone
  • Tell their whole life story! Milestone birthdays are great for this and seeing the really old photos is always really exciting.
  • Recreate an old scrapbook or album. We’ll do full page scans and turn that into a modern book. You can gift not only the new book, but the digital files as well.

Tip: Photo books work great for non-surprise birthday parties as well =) We’ve had clients work with our designers for months on a book that spans generations and includes not only photos, but stories, captions and sections.

3. “We’re having a family reunion in the fall.”

Showing grandfather a fun slideshow at a family reunion
A slideshow is the easiest way to get everyone’s attention an get an immediate reaction from your family members. Past clients have arranged their slideshows in a number of ways to tell the story of their family:

  • Some prefer to share all the photos in chronological order
  • Research your ancestry and display the photos following a family tree
  • Some move in a completely random order for a low pressure, stress-free creation
  • If you have videos or old film, we can add those in as well. Adding video to a slideshow adds a level of interest and an often unexpected twist to your project.

The possibilities are truly endless.

Tip: Before you get started, ask family members to submit a few favorite photos or videos to you. This way, you don’t need to spend more time than necessary gathering everything and it’s also a great way to re-connect with family and friends that you may not see so often. Don’t forget to take photos to create a photo book post-reunion!

4. “My anniversary is coming up & I just found my original wedding photo album.”

Custom modern photo book options work with your photo book designer on your wedding photo book
Surprise your spouse with a modern, custom photo book. Most wedding albums (especially from the 80’s & 90’s) had a fairly generic feel on the outside- 8″ x 10″ white leather albums with 1 large matte photo per page. The inside contains the best photos from your special day and they deserve to be seen! Choose to either re-create your album or give it a makeover with a modern feel. Lots of clients bring these in and work with our professional design department to create a unique album to represent your special day.

Choose from a variety of elegant upgrades:

  • Lay-flat binding
  • Metallic gilded page edges
  • Genuine leather, linen and photo covers
  • Cameo windows on the cover for your favorite photos
  • Custom embossing to commemorate a special date or occasion.

We often hear the best stories from clients about the reactions received when they gave the photo book to their spouse.

If you have any further questions about what the best gift idea is for your occasion, give us a call at 617-505-1132, email us at info@everpresentonline.com or visit our slideshow page or photo book page on our website or check out some of these posts on slideshows and photo books:

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