One of EverPresent’s more unique services is the in-home consultation. We are all so used to having contractors, interior designers, cleaners, and the like visit our homes to help with projects, but you may not realize you can have help at home to prepare for digitizing your photos and transferring your videos to digital! The in-home consultation can be a perfect solution to getting started on that project that has been hanging over your head (or hanging out in the guest room!).

1. You have more inherited & accumulated stuff than you can manage alone.

Have a lot to digitize? So do many of our in-home consultation clients, and when the volume of items is keeping you from seeing us, the in-home is great solution. We help prioritize and organize those boxes in the basement and start the process of digitizing and preserving your family memories, without you having to take the seats out of the minivan or borrow your neighbor’s pickup.

Your consultant will educate you on our services:


2. You have a special situation.

Sometimes running an errand isn’t an easy option. Many of our in-home consultation clients have also called us because they have items they really want to digitize, but have a hard time getting around. If you are mobility-impaired, can’t lift heavy boxes, or are caring for a family member full-time, the in-home is a great solution. We have assisted people in all of these situations, are sensitive to your needs and circumstances, and would love to help you as well!

Don't worry, we'll do the packing!
Don’t worry, we’ll do the packing!

3. You need that extra push to get started

If the boxes full of photos and videos have been gathering dust on the guest room bed for six months or more, it’s time for an in-home consultation! We work alongside you to finally finish that project so your guest room can be ready for guests of the human variety. Having a scheduled meeting with a professional, and having that impartial jury alongside you to help sort through your photos not only makes everything easier and more fun, it can even save money in the long run!

Our consultants have seen it all:

  • Take down a rooms worth of framed photos, pack & organize
  • Multiple sessions to consolidate full family histories
  • Full day appointments
  • Consolidating and separating business from personal
  • In-home photo selection
  • More than just organizing, we’ll help you plan your project from start to finish

4. Your project is multi-layered.

So you have a family archive that incorporates 20 boxes of documents, 75 photo albums, and 100 years of history and you’d like to scan it all and create photo books and custom slideshows for each decade? Definitely start with the in-home. Having a consultant come to your home to take a look before beginning the steps to family archive perfection will not only save you the U-Haul fees, but gives us the chance to gain the perspective we need to help you best.

We build relationships.

Our clients are more than just clients. Our favorite projects are the ones that are more than just pick ups and drop-offs. One of our consultants has spent over 50 hours doing in-home photo organizing with a client. Another consultant has been working on a multi-generational family project for over a year. It’s not uncommon for some of our team to know their client’s family history better than they know their own!

Our team will always go the extra mile for you and your family.
Our team will always go the extra mile for you and your family.

5. Getting to EverPresent is keeping you from progressing with the project.

“I just need to find a day when I can get to EverPresent.” People are busier than ever, and if getting to us is too much of a challenge due to your schedule, let us come to you! This is a great solution if you have a tight schedule, have kids at home with you during the day, or just can’t make the trip. We even can meet you at work if that’s easier for you!

We’ve traveled all over for our clients:

An informal sixth reason is that our in-home consultants are just plain awesome. They are industry certified photo organizers, so they know what they are talking about, and they are some of the friendliest and most down-to-earth people around. Call us today to schedule your in-home consultation!

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