Holiday cards come with pressure. Not only do you have to choose the right vendor, but then you have to pick the perfect design to go with it! There are so many options and so many sites to choose from, but we have three hands down favorites we want to share with you – and some of their best designs for any occasion!

Minted Holiday Cards

You can rarely go wrong with Minted. Everything about their products and choices feels luxurious and impeccably designed. We find ourselves eagerly awaiting their catalogues just for the tactile experience of the way they present everything. Plus, they always have great deals. Their customer service is also excellent.

Minted has a card for any occasion, and they have a number of choices to give your holiday cards that something extra that really makes them stand out.

What Minted offers:

  • Foil stamping in a variety of colors and there is even a glitter option
  • 3 card size choices
  • 5 paper stock options
  • 6 card shape choices
  • Flat, or folded card designs

If you really want to wow your friends and family, look into their letterpress options! Our favorite thing about Minted? The FREE recipient address printing! It will cost you to add your return address on the back flap, but their matching designs for the front and back are so beautiful it’s worth it. They even have custom stamps!

Minted is the choice for you if you want to go above and beyond to send something truly beautiful with a premium feel to it. These are a couple of our favorites:

Expecting a baby holiday card
We love the the typography in this card. It’s an excellent way to accent your holiday greeting while also making the photo the most prominent part of the card. The text is flexible and easy to edit. Consider using your holiday card and a great photo to announce new additions to your family!

minimal holiday cards
Minimal design is all the rage lately and for good reason – it’s simple, it’s beautiful and it allows you to highlight your favorite photos. Consider using a simple design to accent an excellent, untraditional photo that you really love. They don’t have to be looking at the camera to make the perfect photo. It’s all about the feelings.

TinyPrints Holiday Cards

Tinyprints is another solid choice we’ve used before and love their quality and customer service. Tinyprints also offers a number of choices you won’t find on Minted if you’re looking for a card that’s unconventional in size or shape. You could get an ornament or heart shaped card!

One of the best things about Tinyprints is that they also allow you to narrow your search for the perfect card design based on themes, color, shape and more. You’ll see choices you didn’t even know were available to you as you browse their site and it may get those creative juices flowing!

What TinyPrints offers:

  • Foil stamping in a variety of colors
  • 7 card shapes
  • 9(!) card sizes
  • 6 paper stock options
  • Search by theme or designer

Tinyprints also has letterpress printing but they also do laser-cut cards that we haven’t seen anywhere else. There are only a select few options for this, but they’re all beautiful and sure to make your card stand out on the refrigerator.

There is no extra charge to add photos or change the layout on the back of the card, which is nice if you had trouble narrowing down your photos to just one. They have more variety for envelope colors, and recipient addressing is free, but only if you spend the extra fifty cents per envelope for a custom design.

If you’re looking for superior level of customization, Tinyprints is right for you. Here are some of our favorites!

unconventional size holiday cards
Here’s a great example of a holiday card that’s not a standard size. Squares have been made very popular with instagram and you can still get awesome foil printing with their different sizes and shapes. This particular design has other color options and paper stock available.

pet holiday cards
If you’re one of those people who prefers to be behind the camera, you can consider using your favorite pet photo for your holiday card! Tinyprints has a number of pet themed holiday cards to choose from and all of them are super cute! Using your pet instead of your family is a bit non-traditional on it’s own, but you can still jazz it up with some of their custom shape options!

Shutterfly Holiday Cards

Last, but certainly not least, is Shutterfly. We find that Shutterfly is most people’s go-to online service for all things photo gift related. If you’re on their mailing list, they are always sending great deals and incentives for you to use their services, and holiday cards are no exception. Their user interface is as intuitive and easy to use as any other and while you’re designing your cards you could throw together a calendar!

Shutterfly also allows you to search by theme and they really have it narrowed down. You can choose from themes like “Rustic” or “Winter Wonderland.” Shutterfly has so many options, you could even consider finding the design you like the best and THEN deciding which photo fits best. This is a good idea if you’re struggling to decide which photo you love the most.

What Shutterfly offers:

  • Foil stamping & glitter options
  • 5 trim options
  • 3 paper stock options
  • Search by theme or sentiment

There are no options like letterpress or laser cutting with Shutterfly. They offer several envelope colors, and charge extra for envelope liners, but you have plenty of options to find the perfect one! They also offer address printing, but only charge an extra $0.39 cents per envelope for the recipient AND return address.

We recommend them if you have a lot of cards to send and you want to send something nice without breaking the bank. Here are two of our favorites!

just married holiday cards
If you’re a newlywed, it’s more than likely you’ll want to show off your favorite wedding photo in your holiday card! If you don’t want to lose the spirit of the holiday, try and find a design that is not a full-bleed photo so there is a focus on both.

multi photo holiday cards
Don’t forget – you don’t have to choose just one photo! Shutterfly has a lot of multi-photo holiday cards you can choose from. Consider something super fun to display your favorite photos of your kids rather than trying to find the perfect one.

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