Boston_Business_Journal_logo_large“There’s a massive need to share history and get it to digital, and people don’t know where to begin.”
– Eric Niloff

We’ve come a long way from the Florida home where Eric Niloff, our co-founder and CEO, discovered his grandfather’s family photos. He shares our story – past and present – in a recent article from the Boston Business Journal. You’ll want to read the whole thing, but here are the highlights:

EverPresent, at Present

EverPresent uses modern technology to make digital copies of photos and videos you haven’t seen in years. Have us store the files on a thumb drive or turn them into a slideshow so you can share and enjoy everything from your phone and online.

A growing number of families are having EverPresent digitize their old photos and home movies. “We have no doubt that one day we’ll be a national leader in what we do,” predicts Eric.

everpresent consultant measuring film reel

A former Facebook exec and other investors see potential, too: we’ve raised $600,000 in funding so far. And a recent survey we did reveals there’s roughly $54 billion worth of family memories in this country that haven’t been saved yet.

That study also suggests that three-fourths of U.S. families plan to digitize their collections at some point. To keep up with growth and demand, Eric says our team of 30 could double in size by the end of 2014.

Our Story So Far

Our founders, Chris, Jennifer & Eric
L to R: Co-Founders Chris, Jennifer & Eric

Co-founders and power couple Eric and Jennifer Niloff are established professionals in politics and public relations. So what drove them both to quit their jobs in 2012?

While visiting his grandfather in 2009, Eric discovered thousands of photos from World War II, medical school and countless family get-togethers. This find inspired the Niloffs to preserve those memories, and that “eureka” moment was when our story began.


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