We posted about video terms a couple weeks ago and thought it would be wrong if we left out photos. Here is a list of some useful terms for photo and a little bit about them. We hope you enjoy!

Aspect Ratio: The ratio of the width of the photograph to the length. A 4×6 photograph has an aspect ration of 4:6, or 2:3. Other standard aspect ratios for photographs are 5:7 and 4:5 (for 8×10 photographs). In order to move from one aspect ratio to another, the photo has to be cropped or adjusted in some way. An example of this is to print a 4:6 photo of an image that was taken in a 5:7 aspect ratio.

Burst photos: A common term among our clients who are working with their digital photos, it means a number of images were taken consecutively in a short burst of time. You can take photos like these with your digital camera and smart phones.

Card reader: Transfer your photos directly from a memory card to your computer without connecting the camera.

DPI: Stands for “Dots Per Inch” and is used to denote the resolution of printed photographs. It’s measured by the number of dots of ink in a square inch of the photograph. Our standard scanning resolution is 600 DPI for photos and 1600 DPI for slides and negatives.

Exposure: Determined by the amount hitting your film or digital camera sensor, it’s frequently used in the context of whether a photo is over-exposed (too light) or under-exposed (too dark).

JPEG: The standard photo file format.

Optical Scanner: The hardware device attached to the computer that digitizes photographs, slides and negatives. Often referred to as just a scanner, there are both flatbed scanners and specialized scanners for different media formats. We use a combination depending on the requirements of the order, but we always scan the items manually to ensure accuracy.

Photo Book: A book created digitally that combines images, documents, special written messages and unique design elements. The digital template is then printed and becomes a physical book. Our photo books are created in a close collaboration between our clients and our designers. Photo books can be created from digital photos and scanned images.

Photo Selection: A personalized service we offer to help families cut down on large photo collections. We do the work sorting through and selection photos to scan based on criteria and budget that you have given us. We have cut down collections by over 70% and saved our thousands on projects.

Photo Blowout: When a photo is overexposed, there is a loss of details in the highlights and instead looks pure white. Blown-out highlights are impossible to correct during scanning.

Saturation: The depth of color in an image. A photograph with low levels of saturation becomes black and white.

If you have any questions about any of the terms above or you have any photos that you would like digitized, give us a call at 617-505-1132 or email info@everpresentonline.com

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