It’s Slideshow Season. Helpful tips!

It’s slideshow season here at EverPresent—graduations, anniversaries, weddings and birthdays are amongst the most common reasons clients turn to us for help in making a special occasion that much more special. There is something magical about photos perfectly sequenced and timed with music. Whether you have us make your slideshow or try to make a slideshow on your own, we are happy to “raise the hood” and pass on some of our tips and tricks. There is nothing worse than watching a bad slideshow at a wedding. It hurts. Let us help.

Less is More. An event slideshow should be no more than eight minutes, and that’s pushing it. Try for five minutes. So how do I narrow down my photos?

  • Action photos are better than posed shots.
  • Photos from the same event/holiday can be narrowed down.
  • Photos that are dark will look as dark or darker when projected.
  • Photos that are grainy or that have degraded over time are not ideal.
  • Photos that have a lot of people or that are zoomed out are hard to see.
  • People photos are much better than scenery photos.
  • Get rid of hospital photos. We all know they were born at some point!
  • Limit baby shots generally. It’s hard to know who is who.
  • Try to have more horizontal photos than vertical. It looks better when the photo fills the screen.
  • Just say no to school photos.

Nuts and Bolts of a Good Slideshow

  • Each photo should be up for four seconds, which includes a one second transition.
  • Make it authentic to you.
  • Personalize it with a special message, a voiceover or a video.
  • Try to make the slideshow timeless. Certain effects will be dated soon so beware.
  • Know your audience. Have fun with a bat mitzvah slideshow, but make a wedding slideshow more elegant.
  • Surprise slideshows make us nervous. You might want to let the bride know. Seriously.
  • Watch out for scanned matte photos in slideshows. They can create a “snowy” effect because of their texture.


How do we make our Slideshows?
We are happy to share that we use a software program called ProShow. We would recommend it to anyone. It’s user-friendly. They are constantly updating it with new effects, and they answer the phone when you call for help! Love it.

With us you know what you are getting.
If you’ve ever made a slideshow or worked with someone who has made a slideshow, the pressure can be high. Lots of people are watching it, and you want it to be perfect. That’s why at EverPresent you get to see a copy and approve your slideshow before we finalize it. We sit down with you in the beginning and get your feedback for the kind of feel you want. We show you examples and you become a part of the creative process while we do all the actual work. Every client’s slideshow is unique and special.

Happy Slideshow Season! Let us help make your next event even more special!

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