It’s slideshow season — graduations, anniversaries, weddings, and birthdays are right around the corner. Families often ask us to help make these special occasions even more unique and personal.

There’s something magical about your favorite photos perfectly sequenced and set to music. Whether you have us make your slideshow or try to make your own montage, we’re sharing some of our tips and tricks today. Watching a bad slideshow at a wedding is painful. Let’s make yours perfect!

Selecting Photos for Slideshows


Less is more. An event slideshow should be no more than eight minutes, and that’s pushing it. Try for five minutes. Do you know how to pick the best slideshow photos? Consider the following:

  • Action shots are better than posed portraits.
  • Photos from the same event/holiday can be narrowed down.
  • Low-light images will look as dark or darker when projected.
  • Faded and grainy pictures are not ideal.
  • Large group photos or long-distance shots can be hard to see.
  • People photos are much better than scenery photos.
  • Get rid of hospital pictures. Opt for warm, friendly settings!
  • Limit baby shots in general. It can be hard to tell who’s who.
  • Horizontal photos fill the screen better than vertical ones
  • Just say no to school photos.

Nuts and Bolts of a Good Slideshow

Different slideshow design and production elements can bring your vision to life. Follow these best practices:

  • Display each photo for about four seconds, including a one-second transition.
  • Make it authentic to your family, the event or the guest of honor.
  • Personalize with special messages, voiceovers or videos.
  • Try to make the slideshow timeless. What’s popular today might seem cheesy years from now.
  • Know your audience. Have fun with a bat mitzvah slideshow, but make a wedding slideshow more elegant.
  • Surprise slideshows make us nervous; you might want to let the bride know. Seriously.
  • Watch out for scanned matte photos in slideshows. They might look hazy or snowy because of their texture.

Slideshow Design Software


How do we make gorgeous slideshows?

EverPresent uses a custom slideshow design program called ProShow. We would highly recommend it to anyone. It’s user-friendly, engineers are constantly updating it with new effects, and customer service is just a phone call away.

Know what you’re getting

There’s a lot of pressure to make a stunning slideshow or find the right slideshow service. Lots of people will watch it, so you’ll want it to be perfect.

Our slideshow clients get to share their ideas, view drafts, provide feedback, and approve the final product before we wrap it up. You’ll have full creative control while we do the heavy lifting.

Let us help make your next event even more special. Happy slideshow season!


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