A very generous client recently gave us a vintage 8mm film camera! This Keystone K-48 Bel Air Movie Camera came out in the 1960s, and we were lucky to digitize some of the 8mm home movies it shot, too.

The 8mm Keystone K-48 Bel Air Movie Camera

The front assembly can fit three lenses at the same time, though you can see from the photo above that only one lens is attached. There’s also a handle at the bottom, and a hand-crank on the right side to move the film through the camera while shooting.

Like many cameras from its era, the K-48 Bel Air shot 8mm film that came pre-packed in cartridges. This design made it easier to load and unload film without accidentally exposing it to sunlight before developing. And since each 8mm reel only held 3 minutes of footage, we’re guessing these cartridges got swapped out frequently!

Preserve your 8mm, Super 8, and 16mm Film with EverPresent

Keystone filed for bankruptcy decades ago, but families still have 8mm and 16mm films they shot shot with cameras just like this one. Let’s convert your home movies to digital and find out what you’ve been missing!


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