Having your photos and videos converted to digital and secure on a USB or DVD is great, but if that is as far as you are going with your archive, you are missing out on the most important element of all: the joy that comes with sharing these photos and viewing them with loved ones. At EverPresent, we make it easy to share your precious collection with loved ones. One of the most effective ways to do this is with our Little Something to Share.

For all orders over $200, or with our EverPresent package for videotape transfer, A Little Something to Share comes included. While we are performing our multiple rounds of quality checks, our team selects some of the best photos or video footage. For photo, slide or negative scanning projects, we take a couple dozen of the best images and put them to music, creating a two-minute montage that brings some added joy to your treasured collection. For video, we take a clips from throughout a specific tape and condense them into a highlight reel with some light background music.

With photos and videos securely digital, our Little Something to Share provides families with a convenient and efficient to share the best of the best. The files are optimized for size to easily upload to Facebook, and we include them on DVDs or USBs as well as our online viewing and storage platform, My Archive. Being able to share your photos and videos brings the best out of your family collection, and our mission is to make it as simple and fun as possible.

If you have a second to spare, give us a share!
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