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“The inspiration for EverPresent, a Newton-based media digitizing, organizing, and sharing business, began in 2009 when Brookline resident Eric Niloff found a forgotten photo collection in his grandfather’s closet. Subsequent news coverage of teary victims holding photos from albums ruined in various natural disasters reinforced his sense of the widespread need to safely preserve family memories.”
The Boston Globe

That’s how the Boston Globe kicked off a 2015 interview with our co-founder, Eric. Years later, the only thing that’s changed at EverPresent is the size and scope of our thriving family memories service.

Families are still counting on us to help them preserve the sights and sounds that tell their stories. Our new services and local partnerships make this work easier and more engaging than ever before.

What’s New? StoryBox and Digital Organizing

EverPresent’s StoryBox and Digital Organizing are two exciting new options that go beyond photo scanning and video transfers. Each one is a unique way to relive your own history.

Introducing StoryBox

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Digitizing meets storytelling with our all-in-one StoryBox service. Send us your film reels and photo books – and anything else worth preserving – in an elegant box that we provide. We’ll turn it all into digital copies, then set those photos and movies in a video documentary that you can watch and share.

Our favorite part about this service is the audio interview. First, we use your photos and videos to prepare questions for you or the chosen family storytellers. Then we record the answers as high-quality audio files, and use them to narrate the story you want to tell. Imagine watching old films of your grandparents while hearing Nana recall how they fell in love.

Helping You Get Organized

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Our Digital Organizing service launched just after this Globe article came out. And it becomes more important every year – in that time, the average family adds another 3,600 photos to their collection without sorting them.

We’ll start by getting rid of unwanted and duplicate photos to make your photo archive smaller. Then the magic happens – we can sort your photos by date, use face-tagging to identify your friends and family, and even add keywords that make specific photos easy to search for. The end result is a library that stores thousands of pictures but takes only seconds to search for the ones you want to see.

Similar services rely on computer programs to cut corners and automate the organizing process. What sets us apart is our people. EverPresent’s personal organizers take time and care to look at each one of your photos before making any changes to your archive.

Local Photo Scanning and Video Transfers in the Northeast

map of northeastern US for everpresent partner stores

What sets our service apart is not just what you can get – it’s where you can get it. We’ve partnered with dozens of local businesses to preserve family memories throughout New England and the Tri-State Area.

Maybe you live too far from our HQ, or don’t want to send these priceless items in the mail (we get it). Simply bring your pictures and home movies to any one of these art galleries or custom frame shops. We’ll pick them up, convert them to digital, and return the originals along with your new digital copies on hard drives or DVDs when your project is done.

There are too many reasons to put off preserving your memories: ‘I can’t find the time,’ ‘my photos won’t fit in the car,’ we’ve heard it all. EverPresent’s in-home consultations make the process as easy as possible. Your personal consultant can meet you at home, help you set goals for your project, and bring your photos and videos directly to our production office for digitizing. This service is ideal for large, multigenerational family legacy projects. When it’s all done, we’ll drop off your things right back at your home.

Still Saving Family Pictures and Home Movies

media formats for everpresent digitizing

In the spirit of preserving the past, EverPresent stays true to our roots despite our recent growth. We’re still the experts in digitizing standard analog media and the true national leader in converting rare media formats.

It doesn’t matter if you have a shoebox of loose photos or an attic full of VHS tapes, a milk crate of vinyl records or an Utz pretzel jar of 35mm negatives (it’s a New England thing). We’ve spent years building the right arsenal of gear and expertise to save any piece of history that comes our way.

We hope you reach out with any questions to find out if any of our services, old or new, might be the right for you. Check out Eric’s full interview with the Boston Globe for a better sense of just how far we’ve come!

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