Most families want to save their photos and home movies, but haven’t started yet.

Lisa Thornton, our South Shore Representative, recently shared our preservation approach with Cape & Plymouth Business. You can read the full article, but here are the three main steps:

Turn your aging pictures, films, scrapbooks, and video tapes into digital files. You can view them online or your mobile device, and they’re not vulnerable to physical damage like the originals are.
Lisa says if you can’t navigate your photos and videos after digitizing, you’ve “replaced an analog mess with a digital mess.” We can sort your memories into folders, using face-tagging and searchable keywords for an easy-to-browse digital archive.
Turn your digital library into family history projects like photo books and slideshows. Then, share these unique presentations with friends and family to help them remember!

Preserving family memories takes time and effort — don’t wait for your collection to grow any more faded and cluttered than they already are!

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