We are frequently lucky enough to work with clients who have projects that span generations through a variety of vintage photos, albums and video formats. These projects are perfect for our hands-on, in-home consultations because they are frequently overwhelming.

Our client spotlight this month is on a woman who had previously lived in a large suburban home and was downsizing to a smaller space. She has three adult children and a large, extended family throughout the country. Initially she indicated that she had about 20 photo albums and we set an initial in-home consultation to pick them up for her.

When we arrived, the reality was a bit different!

The in-home consultation

We met with the client and her daughter, who was very overwhelmed with the entire process of her mother’s move and had a variety of questions about the process and how we could best help her preserve their very precious memories. Kate and her mother had:

  • 76 Photo albums (not 20!)
  • 1200 Loose and framed photos
  • 47 VHS tapes & DVDs for transfer
  • 30 Audio cassettes

Throughout the meeting she considered several times not bothering with any of it because it was such a large project to take on. After working with her for two and a half hours to get organized, we took her material back to our office and some of the pressure was lifted. Now they were thrilled and excited with the prospect of having this task accomplished for her family.


The Vintage Photos

We were so excited to find a treasure trove of amazing vintage photographs in their collection. Some were very old, and we especially loved the vintage portraits and wedding photos!


vintage photos wedding

vintage wedding photos

vintage photos to digital

The final product

The final product: all the photos, albums, tapes and frames digitized, secure, and saved on USB’s . They also received training from their consultant on how to access their material online on their private, password protected website that they can share with family for generations to come. What a relief for them!

To learn more about this project, or inquire about a project you’re thinking about, call us at 617-505-1132 or email us at info@everpresentonline.com.

Even more vintage treasure

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