The holiday season is the busiest time of year at EverPresent because we’re in the family memories business. We see more vintage Christmas photos (and Disney World!) than anything else and our clients have been generous enough to allow us to share some of our favorites from 2016. From the early 1920’s to the late 1980’s, the digitized slides and photos in this collection will not only show the evolution of a Christmas tree – but a glimpse into the holiday cheer of different families.

1949-1959-christo_0039I remember when my dolls were almost as big as me, but more importantly – look at the size of that tree!

1949-1959-christo_0120This little girl doesn’t look particularly thrilled, but those matching pandas look enthusiastic enough for all of them.

1951_02_15-gcs-photo-booklet_001No Christmas tree is truly complete without some tinsel and a family photo!

1952-1970-album_029Speaking of tinsel and family photos – this would could have gone better, but we thought it was a great candid!

1983_10_xx-red-sox_015Do you think they’re actually INSIDE the stockings? Or just behind them? We’ll never know!

copy-of-42-loose-photos_088We absolutely need to get our hands on that vintage fire truck.

copy-of-104-loose-photos_044Holiday photo goals.

photo-memories-15_030You may recognize this photo of Filenes setting up for Christmas in Downtown Crossing in the 1980’s – it’s now currently Primark.

slide-memories-1_004Poinsettas are a symbol of Christmas, but that cake definitely matches those curtains!

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