EverPresent is excited to announce that we have opened a new satellite location in Portland, Maine in a partnership with Mainely Frames & Gallery on Congress Street in Downtown, Portland! We are proud to offer Portland, ME families photo scanning, video conversion, digital photo organizing and a host of other services.

About Us:

lgphoto_064EverPresent is New England’s premier service for scanning photos, slides and negatives, and transferring video tapes and film reels to DVD and digital downloads. Founded in 2012 by Eric and Jennifer Niloff and headquartered in Newton, Massachusetts, the mission of EverPresent is to provide families with a safe and personalized way to convert their old media into digital files and share them with loved ones. Our certified consultants work with each client to go over every project in detail, provide solutions and communicate every step of the way. Our partnerships with trusted local businesses ensure that nothing ever needs to be put into the mail and keeps your precious family memories safe through the entire process.

About Our Partner:

Mainely Frames & Gallery is a framing and art gallery that serves the greater Portland, ME area. They have a wide variety of framing options including archival services for rare or valuable pieces. Mainely Frames & Gallery has highly professional service and customizable options fit for any framing project. Mainstays on the Portland First Friday Artwalk scene, they also have one of the coolest and largest collections of antique maps anywhere in New England.

Services We Offer:

we-do-more-than-just-scan-photos (1)

Photo Digitizing Services:

We make sure to dust all photos and slides before scanning and optimize for color and contrast in post production to ensure that we get the best digital image possible from your originals. Your albums and scrapbooks are handled by trained, white-gloved technicians and we offer four different approaches to every album to ensure that it is handled and scanned the right way. We offer custom organization, labeling and folders to keep your digital archive consistent and organized. Before we finish every project, each image is checked for quality by a senior technician before it comes back on a USB or disc.

Every digitizing project comes with 90 days of free private cloud storage. For three months, you can send the link and password to friends and family across the world so that they can access the photos and videos that you converted to digital. The files can be downloaded from our website onto phones, tablets and computers so that everyone can have a copy no matter where they are in the world.


Video Digitizing Services:

  • VHS tapes
  • 8mm cassette tapes
  • Mini DVs
  • Betamax
  • PAL format
  • 8mm film reels
  • 16mm film reels
  • Much more

Our videotape to DVD services start at $16 per videotape to convert over to a digital file that can be downloaded onto your computer. For just a bit more, we can create regular or archival grade Gold DVDs with your home movies on them. We go the extra mile for every video tape conversion: we print custom titles on discs and remove any blank footage or TV footage that might have slipped in with your home movies. Our video tapes are captured in real-time with technician oversight to ensure a high quality digital capture.

Our film reel transfer service is held to the same exacting standards. We check each reel for sound, and always transfer sound when it is there. If it isn’t, no worries! We have different sound on stock to put over the silent reels. At $0.18 per foot for our ‘Digital Only’ option, we provide one of the most cost-efficient services anywhere. For both video tapes and film, we also offer professional editing for just $10 that gives you 2-3 minutes of highlights for each tape or 1000 ft. of film.
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Photo Organizing Services:

Our Digital Photo Organizing service was recently launched nationwide and provides a solution to the digital photo clutter more than 50% of families experience.

Picture this:

  • All of your photos from your computers, laptops, phones, tablets, cameras and cloud accounts backed up in one single place
  • De-duplicated
  • Organized chronologically
  • That’s our Fresh Start Package.

We have personal photo assistants who will take the work right out of our hands and help you take back control of your digital photo libraries. Of course, we don’t just stop there. We can also do face-tagging, pick out highlights, and give you bi-monthly refreshes on your photo archive.

We even come to you! When orders are too large or complicated to bring into our Portland location, our consultant team can work with you in your home. In-home consultations are always professionally done with an industry certified photo organizer. They range from a quick pick up to half or full day appointments where we work with you to organize the photos in person and create a plan for digitizing part or all of the collection.


Custom Design and Editing Services:

We do more than just scan photos and convert videos; our mission is for families to be able to enjoy their precious memories with each other. Work with designers to help you implement your newly digital photos into a photo book or slideshow. Turn your old family scrapbook into a remastered work of art that will last for generations or work with us to create a beautiful slideshow for a special occasion that includes your choice of photos, music, transitions, special messages, video and more. We believe that it’s just as important to share your special memories as it is to preserve them.


How does this work?

EverPresent has partnered with Mainely Frames & Gallery in Portland because we value face-to-face interactions and we don’t want to involve any third party carriers to get your priceless family memories from Point A to Point B.

Here’s how an order works when you want to drop off your photos and videos with EverPresent in Portland:

  • Give us a call and talk to one of our consultants about your project. He or she will schedule a time window for you to drop off your materials with the professional framers at Mainely Frames & Gallery.
  • We will connect with the folks at Mainely Frames & Gallery to let them know when you will be coming in and what you will be bringing so that they can prepare.
  • Upon your arrival, all of your photos and videos are secured in watertight bins with your name and unique order number.
  • We transport the bins ourselves to our headquarters. We will never use a third party for this part, it’s too important to us.
  • Once we have the materials, a consultant will go through your bin to inventory the items and come up with any questions about your order.
  • The consultant will give you a call to go over your order, confirm the details and take payment.
  • The magic happens! Our team of 35+ technicians will work to complete your order. Despite our large team, a single technician will oversee your order from start to finish to ensure familiarity and accuracy.
  • Once converted to digital, we bring the original materials back to Mainely Frames & Gallery along with the USB or disc, and contact you when the order arrives to notify you and collect final payment, if applicable.
  • You can head in and pick up your newly digitized photos and videos that you can now share with your family!
  • If your project is large or complicated, we can schedule a time to send an industry-certified professional organizer to your home to go over your project and help you get started. We can take care of transportation from Maine and back!

It’s easy! Our consultant team is guiding you through the process from start to finish to answer any questions you have at the beginning or that might come up along the way.
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It’s a unique opportunity that we have to get to know Portland, Maine through its photo and video memories. We’re excited to get started! If you have any questions or a project that you are thinking about kicking off with us, give us a call at 207-747-3283 or shoot us an email at info@everpresentonline.com



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