A lot can go wrong when scanning your family photos and albums. Dust. Glare. Technical glitches. They’re all distracting, and keep you from enjoying your family memories to the fullest.

To catch and resolve these issues, we conduct quality checks at four different points throughout your photo project.

Pre-Production Photo Quality Checks

Vintage photos are old, and they don’t always age well. Before we start a scanning project, we often find that some items are in poor condition. These pictures take more time and effort to preserve and restore.

If your photos are poor condition, we’ll ask you for two things before we begin:

  • Your consent for any extra handling charges for us to protect the physical media
  • Your approval for more intensive digital editing, not included in our normal service

If your original photos are in good condition, this step won’t apply to your project. Let’s move on!

Photo Production Quality Control

photo technician sitting at a computer checking a digitizing project

Our photo technicians boast attention to detail and extensive fine arts training. They’re also human.

Double-checking your work is essential in any field, and photo production is no different. Once our technicians crop and optimize each digital photo, they check again for any loose ends before moving on to the next project.

Photo Post-Production Quality Control

Post-production QC takes a sharp eye for detail. It’s a vital task reserved for senior team members who consistently put out high-quality work.

Once a technician scans, edits, and double-checks a project, the post-production QC team checks everything again. They find and fix blemishes, discoloration, folder name typos, and other quality issues that should have been caught during production.

If a physical flaw harms scan quality, and fixing that issue is outside the scope of our standard digitizing service, the post-production QCer will note that issue in a letter that comes with your finished project.

Final Photo Quality Control

hand wearing white glove holding USB flash drive from everpresent photo project

Final QC is the last step we take to ensure accurate data entry, high-quality digital files, and reliable storage on DVDs and USBs.

Instead of looking at photos again, we’re now checking the accuracy of your paperwork and delivery formats. This final QC makes sure you get what you ordered, without getting overcharged or needing to come back in for a fix right after picking up your project.

The Truth About Quality Photo Scanning

Are you shopping around for a digitizing service? Before you settle for the quickest or cheapest option, consider this: high-quality photo scanning doesn’t just happen. It takes time and effort to turn bent, brittle portraits into the gorgeous digital images our clients are sharing online.

Whoever you choose to preserve your family legacy, make sure they’re not cutting corners just to save a buck. Find a respected vendor who delivers digital photos with the superior quality your memories deserve.