EverPresent’s Digital Organizing is a comprehensive range of photo management services designed to bring structure and organization to digital photo and video collections of any size with a personal digital photo organizer.

Our services take a collection of digital media and build it into a single consolidated archive, chronologically organized, free of duplicates, and effortless to navigate. We also offer advanced services like topic tagging, face tagging, highlighting, and decluttering that allows our clients to build off of this foundation with additional layers of customization. If you’re starting your project by scanning your photos, our photo management services benefit you here as well. As soon as your images are online, our digital photo organizer will work directly with our photo department to combine your archives.

by Leon Ha

Just as no two projects are the same, certain types of digital organizing projects may benefit more from our services than others. This post will provide an overview of our services to help you decide if Digital Organizing is the right fit for your project.


Digital organizing begins with consolidation. During this stage, we collect files from any number of sources to establish the foundation of your organizing project. This stage is particularly important for clients with digital media spread across multiple accounts and devices.

File sources typically include cloud-based storage accounts (Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, iCloud Drive, etc.), cloud-based photo services/libraries (iCloud Photos, Google Photos, Facebook, Shutterfly, etc.), and physical devices (external hard drives, smartphones, laptops, USB thumb drives, memory cards, etc.), and anything else containing files we can work with. This is the stage where your digital photo organizer would combine your scanned archive with your digital.

We’re always happy to help, but many of our clients choose to consolidate their project files themselves. This is a great way to reduce project cost and time.

Photo management services give clients the ability to move away from the practice of keeping multiple disjointed file sources. By establishing a complete archive of files in a single location the process of staying organized becomes rewarding and intuitive.

During consolidation, we also create a cold storage backup of all project files for safekeeping. At the end of the project, a copy of this backup will be returned to you along with your final archive and all original devices.

What is cold storage? We’re not refrigerating your files! Cold storage refers to files that are backed up for safe keeping on drives that are not actively used or connected to any power or network systems.


With all of the project files together in a single location and safely backed up, we begin the deduplication process. Deduplication involves a combination of increasingly sensitive deduplication scans coupled with manual reviews of all scan results to ensure the highest quality images are prioritized and kept.

This stage is particularly helpful to clients who may be hanging on to multiple versions of the same photos and need help removing duplicate images of lower quality. The result is a streamlined archive containing only the highest-quality version of each image in the collection.


During the Organization stage photos are sorted and placed within a chronological archive structure that’s easy to understand and intuitive to navigate. Any folders or albums of special interest that were included in the original project files are maintained and placed accordingly within the archive. Our goal with every project is to create an archive that is easy to maintain and as enjoyable to use as it is to share.

Advanced Production

Advanced Production includes a range of additional services designed to be applied to our basic organizing service. These include photo library building (Apple Photos, Google Photos, Lightroom, etc), topic tagging, face tagging, highlighting, and decluttering. Advanced production services can be selected individually and are estimated separately following the completion of the basic organizing stages. They can be applied to a select portion of the final archive or the entire archive as a whole. Your consultant or digital photo organizer may reach out mid-project if they identify any of these a la carte options your project may benefit from.

Topic Tagging

Topic tags are simply subject tags applied to photos and videos throughout the archive. The result is an archive that’s easily searched or filtered by keyword. Popular topic tags include birthdays, holidays, weddings, vacations, locations, activities, and pets, although tags can be customized to the specifics of the archive.

Face Tagging

Face tagging is essentially topic tagging for people. This allows users to quickly search their archives for photos of specific family members, relatives, and friends.


Perfect if for clients that want a headstart on creating a photobook or slideshow selection. Highlighting is a manual selection of the best images throughout the archive and can be filtered for quick viewing. Highlight tags are easy to add, adjust, and remove so clients always have control over which images make the final cut.


Decluttering is a manual selection of specific types of images that clients will likely want to be removed from the archive. These include images taken by mistake, excessively blurry images, shopping lists, to-do lists, and other types of disposable content. Decluttering also includes a selection of near-duplicate images, typically taken in burst mode, while always opting to keep the best available image. Decluttering places photos suggested for removal in a separate folder where clients can review and delete at their discretion.

Is Digital Organizing The Right Fit?

If any of the photo management services mentioned in this post jump out at you as being something your digital photo and video collection could benefit from, then our digital organizing services are probably a great fit for your project! If you’re already in the habit of regularly curating your digital media, have an established system for importing and backing up your photos and videos, and don’t struggle to find specific images within your archive, our services may not be the best fit for your project. No matter your experience level, your digital photo organizer will work with you directly.

If you’re unsure or want to know more about a particular service it’s always a great idea to give us a call. You can also check out our Digital Organizing service page for answers to our most frequently asked questions.

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