Haven’t watched your VHS tapes or 8mm film reels in a while? You likely forgot about analog video problems like tracking errors and blank footage, but they haven’t gone away.

Luckily, we conduct four quality checks while reviving your home movies to make sure those issues stay in the past. Here’s how our Audiovisual (A/V) Team does it.

A/V Pre-Production Quality Checks

It’s easy to spot physical damage to VHS tapes and old 8mm film reels before digitizing. Dust and mold are the most common quality issues, followed by other problems like tape or film that’s snapped or broken and can’t be played back as-is.

We do our best to wipe any dust or mold from your home movies without using any chemicals. And if we find broken film or a cracked VHS shell, we’ll check with you before doing any splices or repairs that cost extra.

EverPresent’s A/V experts also review your project instructions in advance so everything gets done right the first time.

Quality Control During Video Transfers

audiovisual technician threading home movie film into a digital converter

When we start converting your old home movies, our A/V technicians monitor the digital video to catch problems in real time. If we find any errors, we’ll start over and try to capture your home movie a second time.

Some quality issues, like bad audio and blank or blue screens, can be adjusted and clipped out. But any intensive digital fixes might fall under our enhanced video editing service. This add-on costs more than our normal process and needs your approval before we dive in.

Post-Production Audiovisual QC

Once your home movies are captured and edited, we have another A/V technician review the final product. This step ensures we get another set of eyes on the project, just in case the initial team member missed something.

This QC technician checks the digital files’ playback quality, and notes any issues in a letter that gets returned with your project. They also ensure the job meets your instructions – if not, they’ll either fix the flaw themselves or send the whole job back to the capturing technician.

Final Quality Control for A/V Projects

hand wearing white glove holding archival grade DVD for an everpresent project

Fast-forward to the end of your project. We’ve converted your film reels and VHS tapes to digital, optimized the digital videos, and double-checked all of your files and instructions.

The final QC process happens outside of the A/V department. A senior team member checks your instructions against our digital records and delivery formats like DVDs to make sure we did everything you asked us to do.

Why A/V Quality Control?

Digitizing old tapes and film can get complicated, and there’s a lot of room for error. Nothing is more disappointing than exploring your new digital archive and realizing one of your home movies isn’t watchable. We make every effort to keep that from happening to you.

Questions about our A/V to digital services? Get in touch and fire away – we’d love to hear from you!