One of the coolest formats we see at EverPresent is stereo slides. While they aren’t that common, every client who has stereo slides to digitize has a story to tell about the content of the slides or their experience with the slides when they were younger. Here are some cool facts about stereo slides that we think everyone should know:

  • Stereo slides are created from two images taken simultaneously by a special camera. The two images are slightly offset from one another, creating the three-dimensional effect.
  • One of the two images is slightly out of focus, but not in a way that is noticeable to the human eye.
  • Most stereo slides were created from Kodachrome slide film, a popular version of film developed by Kodak. Kodachrome had better color and less of a grainy quality, both of which were noticeable when viewed in handheld stereo slide viewers.
  • To this day, there are dedicated stereo photography clubs around the world.
  • When digitizing stereo slides, we scan only one of the images. The final digital image is not 3D.
  • The most popular camera for stereo slides was the Stereo Realist, which was first produced in 1947 by the David White Company. camera is credited with starting the era of stereo photography.
  • A client of ours was nice enough to provide us with a vintage stereo slide kit, seen above, that included the camera, bulbs, instruction manuals and lenses.
  • Projectors for stereo slides do exist, and they project in 3D with the help of polarized glasses. Many refurbished, old models can still be purchased.

We’re always on the hunt for cool vintage kits that we can put in posts like this. If you have a kit you are looking to get rid off, or if you have some stereo slides you want converted to digital, give us a call at 617-505-1132 or email us at [email protected]