How did your grandparents meet? What are your family’s food traditions and where did those recipes come from? What was your father’s first job? By recording an oral history of family members, you’ll be able to capture and preserve answers to these questions—and many, many more—before they are gone forever.

STWebLogo_90x2503How many of us have wished that we had an audio or video recording of our parents or grandparents, but it was too late? Now is the time to collect the stories of your loved ones, while they are healthy and memories are clear. You’ll be glad you did, and your family will thank you! You will have peace of mind knowing that you have honored your family elders and captured their wisdom for many generations to come.

Story Trust helps families record and preserve these precious memories–as oral histories, memoir books, or documentary videos. For more information, contact Story Trust’s founder, David O’Neil, at [email protected], call (617) 755-3283 or visit