Many of our clients are overwhelmed by their photos and videos. They have too many of them in too many different formats and locations to try to tackle in one sitting. It can be a lot to handle when you have a vast collection of family albums, photos, and films.

Remove the Stress

By inviting an EverPresent consultant into your home, we can remove the stress of this vast, but important project. Your consultant will work with you to create a needs assessment to identify the main goals and priorities of your project. We will also put together a detailed inventory and estimate on the number of items and cost. There is no obligation to do the project at this point, but it’s good to have this important information before doing anything else.

In some cases, we can also do in-home pickups. These are just that: we will drive to your home to pick up a pre-determined media type to take care of the heavy lifting. These follow the same pricing structure as our consultations but take considerably less time.

The box with a bunch of old photos
We all have too many photos stashed in boxes somewhere

Organize & Strategize

Not sure how to start and what to keep? Your consultant will sit with you to go through your collection. We will prioritize and decide the best first steps toward preserving and sharing your family memories. Our goal is to preserve the integrity of your family archive and have a planning discussion for what to digitize, how to prioritize and what to bring back to life through a new design project. If there are other items that you wish to include that are not currently in your home, we can also do remote estimates to strategize to move the best plan forward.

Privacy and Convenience

Our clients love in-homes because of privacy and convenience. Stay in the comfort of your home. We will come to you for a personal, one-on-one conversation about how to preserve and best experience your memories in the future. We will pick everything up in waterproof bins and return your items once your project is complete.


Our hourly organizing services start at $70/hr. Assessments of your collection are available before you commit to a larger project. We can provide you an inventory and pricing for various levels of organization and let you know what level of input will be needed from you and/or your family. Assessments can be done:

  • Remotely over computers
  • In our office
  • Via phone or email

Please contact us for additional details and to learn which organizing and digital archiving strategy is right for you.


  • Pick a place to meet in your house with a large surface so that we can spread out various media types while we organize
  • Gather everything that may be a part of preserving your family history.
  • Make a list of upcoming events or gifts you plan to give that might affect our project priorities and timeline.