History is important to us at EverPresent, and our roots run deep (all the way to the basement).

Our idea for starting EverPresent came about from our own family’s need. As we started to lay the groundwork, things like company name, logo and location, were important to us. They all needed to feel meaningful and welcoming. Little did we know, that importance would run deep, and we would be reminded of it everyday.

EverPresent: What’s in a Name?

We choose the name EverPresent for obvious reasons. We want people’s photos and videos to be EverPresent in their life. The images of our best memories should not be in a box in our closet, they should surround us. Our company’s mission is encompassed in our name, and we live this mission every day.

The EverPresent Logo

everpresent logo

Our logo came from thinking about families and the importance of roots. We wanted our logo to be something that seemed lasting and strong, but changing and evolving, just like our memories.

Our location: 1024 Chestnut Street, Newton, MA*

everpresent staff standing in front of newton massachusetts headquarters

It’s not easy to find a place where you want to grow your business. A place that becomes your home in so many ways. But when we found our Chestnut Street location, it seemed meant to be.

First, our building is the oldest still-standing schoolhouse in Newton, MA. Our office has so much history and has been the home for many successful businesses. It seemed so appropriate that the original home of EverPresent would not be in an office park or typical storefront, but rather a historic building where countless memories have been made and stories told.

If the history alone wasn’t enough, as I was taking a tour of the building, I discovered that a tree was a part of the original foundation of the building. Obviously, the building has been reinforced well beyond this tree, but each day we are reminded of the roots of this old, historic building as we continue to lay the roots for EverPresent.

*NOTE: EverPresent has since moved to 84 Needham St., Ste. 130, Newton, MA*