Photo management software company Mylio recently put out a blog post titled “Do You Know Where Your Photos Are? (Really? Are You Sure?)”. It’s a great post about how difficult it can be to keep track of their photos and videos, and how some “solutions” aren’t very helpful. It’s worth the read:

“Most folks said their digital photos — the data people say is their most valuable — were spread someplace across Facebook, Flickr, their personal mobile devices, and home computers, with the rest gathering dust in shoe boxes, family albums, and other analogue mediums under beds, in closets, and who knows where else”.
~Osiris Indriya, Mylio

EverPresent tackles this problem with our digital organizing service. Our belief is that the best way to ensure all of your photos are where you want them, not to mention where they can be easily found, is to work with digital photo organizing experts. Our digital organizing consultants help you take control of your collection an empower you to maintain the organization that we set up initially.

Our brand new service has already helped hundreds of clients find relief from overwhelming or disorganized collections. Give us a call or shoot us an email today to find out how we can help you.