everpresent drop off location at portrait simple in a shopping mall

Wait. EverPresent is a Boston-area company, so why are we in the Rhode Island Small Business Journal?

Because New England families now have even more options to share and enjoy their home movies and vintage photos. This RISBJ article covers three unique partnerships we’ve made with relevant local businesses around New England:

Portrait Simple

As a well-known portrait photography chain in New England, Portrait Simple’s work already fits in with what we do. They capture the present while we rescue the past.

Bring your family memories collection to Portrait Simple studios in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, or Connecticut. We’ll pick them up, digitize them, and return the originals along with your digital copies on DVD or USB.

Geek Housecalls

computer screen displaying a digital photo archive

This New England tech support company now provides a free 30-minute support call to help EverPresent clients navigate their new digital memories archives. Geek Housecalls is a valuable resource if you’re not computer-savvy, but want to get the most out of your finished project.

New England Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO-NE)

We’re giving four-hour training sessions to NAPO’s professional organizers. These experts already organize the rest of their clients’ lives. We’re just sharing best practices to make sense of the most personal items: family memories.

Grow Local

EverPresent puts community ties ahead of larger national efforts because we care. “Families want local, trust, convenience and customization,” says our co-founder Eric Niloff. “By bringing together trusted, respected local companies, we’re going to make a lot of families really happy.”