The 15 Most Creative Ways to Display Photos Without Frames

Photos are a great way to keep track of the people and events that mean the most to you, and they can serve as a form of modern art.

Framing your photos and nailing them against a wall is probably the most common approach to decorating your home with pictures of your loved ones.

Still, it’s hardly the only approach to photo display ideas. When it comes to different ways to display photos, the only limit is your imagination.


15 Unique Picture Hanging Ideas Without Frames 

There are so many picture display ideas that don’t rely on traditional frames. Many are inexpensive and offer creative alternatives to simply framing a photo when you feel like that’s not doing the memory justice or you want to put them on a unique display. Check out the 15 most creative ways to display photos without frames!

1. Digital Displays

A digital photo display is one of the easiest ways to showcase each of your cherished memories. With a digital photo frame, you can upload pictures from your phone, computer, or even the cloud to display in the frame for anyone to see. 

Whether you’re looking to give a frame as a present and allow the recipient to upload photographs from a distance, or you want a perfect frame for yourself, converting your old photos into a digital format gives you the versatility to show off your collection.

2. Hangers

HANGERS-picture-without-frame-everpresentAre you looking for quick, creative ways to display photos? This easy-to-make hanging photo display option will add fun to your interior design. It’s an out-of-the-blue piece of home decor that will provide a fresh, modern touch to any room. All you need is some:

  1. String
  2. Photos
  3. Scissors
  4. Wooden clothes hanger
    (though you could use plastic or wire types)
  5. Tape
  6. A wall hook 

Combined with some old images, we think it would make a fantastic display. They’re a perfect pair because of how beautifully they mesh.

3. Cork Board Photo Display

cork-board-picture-without-frame-everpresentGet those photographs off your phone and into a physical collection you can enjoy daily through the use of a cork board photo display.

All you need is a corkboard and some pushpins to create a living collage of memories and pictures.

To begin the process, simply stack and overlap your photos. You can also set it up in a grid fashion so that nothing overlaps.


4. Clipboard Array

clip-board-picture-without-frame-everpresentTry displaying your photographs on clipboards if you feel they still need a frame or backdrop. Doing this will make it appear as though your framed images have a background, giving them a more permanent place on your wall. In addition, swapping out the pictures is simple, allowing you to update the design frequently.

The best part is that most clipboards can be easily nailed to a wall because of the small hole at the top of the clip.

5. Shelving Back Panel Display

photo-collage-without-frame (1)

Sometimes, the best place to showcase a photo display is hidden behind a few books. Frames are integrated into the shelving units using the available wall space. This may also motivate you to organize your storage areas better so you can appreciate your photographs.

6. String and Clothespins


One bit of advice on how to hang pictures without frames is to use what you already have. If you have a box of craft material, why not put that ball of yarn to good use? An enjoyable technique to create a large-scale work of art in your home is to put some thread on the wall and clip photographs to it using clothes pins. It makes a spot on the wall where you can alter the decor whenever you like. Also, switching out the pictures is a breeze because you can simply unclip the old ones and clip the new ones in their place.

7. Shadow Box Frame

While it’s not a picture frame per se, it’s still a great way to display your memories. A custom shadow box frame to showcase treasured possessions or works of art is simple to create with only a few inexpensive supplies and a little time. The first step in preparing a display is to take accurate measurements of the shown photo. To construct the structure, select a thin plywood sheet to act as the back and a longer, thicker plywood piece that may be trimmed to fit the required dimensions. Nail the sides of the frame down and use wood glue to keep them in place.

8. Mosaic Photo Tiles

Photo tiles are inexpensive and can be used as placemats or coasters if laminated. Go to your local hardware and choose a creative tile option; then use some mod podge to join them together. If you opt for the laminated route, you can create a beautiful mosaic with a bit of elbow grease to show off your life adventures.

9. Mural Photo Display

This is a fantastic method to fill a blank wall with a vivid representation of your fondest memories. First, you need to choose a photo you love, then have it sent out to be printed on a sheet of wallpaper. Voila, instant mural!

10. Binder Clips

After you finish that bag of chips, you can put that binder clip to a different use. Binder clips offer creative ways to display photos without frames on a wall. As a gallery wall, this concept shines. A few binder clips nailed to the wall and some images clipped in can create an artistic expression that couldn’t be captured in a single frame.

11. Personalized Pillows


Do you want a few throw pillows that can elevate your home decor? With photo collage pillows, your cherished recollections will feel more at home. 

12. Floating Mobile

In recent years, photo-string ideas of various styles have been seen almost everywhere. It’s a daringly contemporary style that isn’t for everyone, but it’s undeniably eye-catching and novel. The best part is that you can most likely make one of these with things you find in your closet!


13. Pictures On a Blackboard Wall

Do you have an empty space, like the back of a door or wall, that could use a splash of style?

Make your own picture frames by drawing, erasing, and redrawing on a blackboard wall! All you need is chalk, chalkboard paint, and some imagination to create your own 2D frames.

14. Suspended by a Web Of Fairy Lights


Fairy lights are used year-round as part of interior design rather than just being reserved for the holiday season.

They set a vibe that elevates the already-special atmosphere of your home. Photos can be hung from the lights in the same way they can be hung from the string.

Just use some clothes pins to attach them to the wall, and you’ve got a stunning work of art.

15. Organize Your Photos Into Photo Blocks

The kid’s room or the home of someone you know with young children might benefit from this unique way to display your photos. You only need to gather some wooden blocks and apply glue and paint.

Preserve Memories with EverPresent

While these creative ways to display photos without frames are great for enjoying your memories, having them in a digital format is even better. If you want to safeguard your photos, contact EverPresent. Digitize photos with our renowned photo scanning team.

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